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This is for the entrepreneur who may have put bookkeeping on the back burner and has been much more hands-off with their books. It's set up but they're not getting useful information from the data or it seems incorrect and tax season is around the corner and you may be starting to panic. 

let's change the way you look at your finances...

This service provides you with up to a year of financial clean-up work to get you ready for tax season.
It will ease your mind regarding tax return filings and you can feel confident your income and expenses are captured properly.

what you get

Annual Reconciliation of Accounts

Review and Adjust Chart of Accounts for Optimization

Finalized Financial Reports for Client or Tax Professional

Reconciliation of Integrated Softwares

ready to get started?

It's wayyy easier than bookkeeping, promise.
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Client will grant access and provide source reports and documents

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Reconciliation process of all accounts

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Final client review to verify classifications

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Annual Reports for client to submit to tax professional


Are you ready to let a professional handle your bookkeeping so you can leverage your own strengths and scale your business!?

I can't wait to meet you!


Prices vary based on the volume and complexity of the project.

Submitting local taxes depends on location, and best to find a local professional that would have an in-depth understanding.

A diagnostic review will be performed to generate the proposal 

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