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The "h" is silent.

I am a solo entrepreneur and aspiring CPA. I believe that bookkeeping is a form of art and is essential for owners to have an established workflow by recording data that is accurate and useful.


If bookkeeping is performed incorrectly data can be overstated or understated causing inaccurate tax liabilities which is especially troubling for small business owners.


With my experience, attention to detail, and strong ethical practices- I can help you organize your business finances so you not only have a smooth and easy tax season but you will have accurate data on a monthly or quarterly basis to help you make informed decisions.


Born and raised in Olympia, Washington to Vietnamese immigrants I moved down to Portland for my college education. During my indecisive journey through the college system, I met my cutie of a husband who stood by my side as I switched majors- what a trooper! After switching from nursing to pre med, to a year off and then back to business- I finally landed on HR and graduated with my bachelors in 2018.


After having my amazing wild daughter I became interested in entrepreneurship. Helping my husband with his budding business gave me interest and confidence to build my own bookkeeping business with the help of mentors and coaches. I find so much satisfaction working with spreadsheets, organizing data, and the beauty of balance with the accounting equation. This has motivated me to go back to school and pursue my CPA credentials! 

I am a forever learner at heart, I am always seeking to improve, learn and grow. When I’m not helping my clients, building my business or  chasing around a wild toddler with my patient husband- you can find me working on house projects with a good audiobook playing!

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